What Are Credit Inquiry Removal Services on the Internet?

Credit Inquiry Removal ServicesEven people who pay attention to their credit reports scanning their online reports daily often forget about the inquiries. It is very important to recognize that inquiries cost you points on your credit score. Inquiries may not be severe penalties, but they can add up.

Furthermore, they can count against you when you are trying to obtain credit. In steps credit inquiry removal services. What are they, and what can they accomplish?

Credit inquiry removal services are part of the credit repair industry.

These companies claim that they can remove inquiries from your credit report. Some of them say they can do so in a matter of weeks, 100 percent guaranteed. Can you trust that these services can live up to what they say they can do?

What is a credit inquiry anyway? Every time you apply for credit and a company checks your credit report via a hard inquiry, a credit inquiry is listed on your report. That inquiry is date and time stamped, and it falls off after two years. The idea is that this rule governing credit reports helps to prevent consumers from overextending themselves when it comes to credit.

Now you might be wondering how a company can go about removing these inquiries. It is questionable indeed, but the world is always changing. If you have applied for credit recently, you may have noticed that the company you applied with used a soft inquiry instead of a hard inquiry.

This is becoming even more commonplace, especially in regards to internal reviews of accounts people already have established and using the plethora of technology available today, best tech in inquiry removal here.

Let’s say that you have a credit card account and want to get a credit line increase. Chances are, that credit card company is going to use a soft inquiry to check and see whether or not you are approved for the credit line increase. Soft inquiries are not counted against you or listed on your credit report. A credit line increase would be notated, but you get the idea.

What is the takeaway?

The credit industry is changing, always. People can even submit online disputes regarding information on their credit reports. The way credit reports are handled overall has long been a topic of discussion because there are many that say the industry could be handled more efficiently. Social Security numbers and cards in reference to identification have also been called into question.

With the credit industry changing so much, it’s not that difficult to discern that perhaps credit inquiry removal services might be able to get those hard inquiries removed from a person’s credit report. However, if that is the case, wouldn’t you be able to do it yourself?

Maybe it is much easier to have them do it for you.

The inquiries do fall off after two years anyway as mentioned. How much do these credit inquiry removal services charge? Do they offer any other types of credit repair services? It would be neat to at least check them out further to see what they can do, don’t you think?

They might be able to improve your credit score.

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