Is Malwarebytes Safe And What All Does The Program Do For Your Device?

is Malwarebytes safeSo what exactly is Malwarebytes and is it safe?

Malwarebytes is a scanning program, and that needs to be mentioned first. Why? It’s not a program that is going to fix anything. It is only going to alert you to the fact that you have possible malware and viruses threatening your device.

Reviews mention, too, that this program in essence doesn’t prevent infection. However, alerting you to viruses and malware would be considered helping you to prevent infection, even if the program is not able to take action.

Now, it is also important to mention that this tool is free. You will also be glad to know that according to reviews, it doesn’t have a big impact on your system in terms of the installation, storage, memory, etc. In fact, it is said to be rather easy to install and use. That’s great, but is it worth it to really have the program? Since it doesn’t handle removal of any malicious malware or viruses, then you want to know that it detects issues that other programs can’t.

Perhaps you are looking at device safety and security a different way. You see a free program that can detect problems. If any major problems are detected, then perhaps you are willing to purchase a malware and virus removal program. Well, you know what the Internet safety and security experts are going to say about that. They are going to tell you that you need better prevention measures in place.

It is still pertinent to have a program that can remove malware, viruses and other malicious types of content. These programs can help prevent you running into these types of insidious sites and virus issues in the first place, too. Now, that is an important point. There are all types of prevention measures that need to be in place, as it’s not just about malware and virus removal. And, we established that Malwarebytes as a scanning program indeed does count as one form of prevention.

However, it doesn’t address prevention from a standpoint of eliminating the threats in the first place.

Malwarebytes does help you identify threats by running a system scan, but we have also established that the program is unable to take any further action. Again, the program is free, so it is important to establish realistic expectations here. The best virus and malware prevention and removal programs do cost money. Furthermore, it has been established that this program, Malwarebytes, and other similar program, doesn’t eliminate your need for a virus or malware removal software program.

It appears that this program would be helpful as an extra tool to see if there are any harmful viruses or malware that another program didn’t catch. However, for that to be true, this would need to be a top-ranked free program that is known for this type of protection. Does Malwarebytes up the ante? Additionally, and most importantly, is Malwarebytes even safe?

There are in fact free programs out there that are known to be safe and help with virus and malware protection, prevention and removal. You have to watch though because there are also programs that are malicious themselves. You don’t want to download a free software program that is supposed to help protect your device and instead infects it and causes you major problems.

Also, can you expect Malwarebytes to work in conjunction with other safety and security programs? Reviews do state that it doesn’t conflict with them, but that doesn’t mean it transfers information and works in conjunction with them. There is more to this program, however, than what has been said already.

You know know what Adware is, right? Well, reviews say that this free program does indeed remove certain Adware. In fact, it is supposed to be able to catch Adware that is not detected or that is ignored by other web security programs. Plus, there is a particular feature is said to also be quite popular. It is called the Chameleon feature, and it is supposed to actually go on the offensive for your device against malware.

It pays to really look at the specifics, especially when you are talking about an Internet security program that you don’t have to pay for. You will have to remember to run this program because reviews say that there isn’t a scan schedule feature. When it comes to the all important question, however, about whether or not this program is safe, it appears that the answer is yes.

You will want to know how Malwarebytes stacks up against other similar free programs. Is it worth the download? Are you going to use it? It seems like a rather nifty tool, but you want to understand it before you start using it regularly. That is the only way that you are going to put the program to good use when it comes to the safety and security of your device.

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