What To Get The Techie You Love: Great Gift Ideas!

Great Gift Ideas for techiesYou want to choose the perfect gifts for the folks in your life to show them how much you love and appreciate them. However, it is not always easy to do so. For those who aren’t particularly tech savvy, it can be a challenge to figure out what to get the techies on their list.

Fortunately, there are all kinds of choices out there, and with a bit of work you can surely find the most suitable ones for your family and friends.

First of all, you need to realize that not all technology is created equally. Likewise, not all science fiction shows are the same. If the techie in your life is a dedicated Star Trek fan and you purchase Star Wars-related gadgets, it is not “close enough.” This is akin to giving your date a dozen dandelions to your date because they are similar enough to roses.

Always make sure that you understand the preferences of the recipient before you begin shopping in earnest. Find out if they are into Apple products, or have an aversion to them. As with any gift giving, the more you know about the person the better you can personalize the choices you make.

Although folks love the convenience of taking pictures and publishing them online within moments of being snapped, there is something to be said for hard copies as well. You can find a variety of photo printers designed to work with smart devices to make one or more copies of a picture. These can be useful when the digital copy just isn’t enough.

Have you seen the smartphone sanitizers on the market today? These little units are easy to activate, and they can eradicate the bacteria breeding on your cell phone. Techies are sure to appreciate being able to quickly clean their devices so they can get on the go again.

Of course, phones need more than a good sanitizing to operate well. While your techie friend might have a great USB phone charger at the house, what about when away from electrical outlets and devices? A solar powered charger can be the difference between a failing battery and a fully functional smart phone. These little devices are great for camping trips and folks on the go!

Does your special techie lose track of her keys all of the time? If so, a Bluetooth tracking tag can be a useful and appreciated gift. There are various options out there, so make sure that you comparison shop before deciding which one or ones would be most suitable for your needs.

Or maybe mom or grandmom aren’t techies, but are looking to come into the 21st century. You can start them off with something simple like a wireless temp reader. That way they’re techie, but in a more comfortable way.

Amazon Echo and Dot are two great devices offered by the site that allows users to play music, control smart devices and more. The Echo is larger and has more capabilities than the Dot. However, both are affordable, user-friendly tech that can become an indispensable asset to home management systems.

Laser keyboards are one of the hottest things in the affordable tech world. With these neat devices you never have to worry about spilling coffee on your keyboard. The keys are projected onto a flat space, such as a tabletop, and operate just like regular keyboards.

If you techie doesn’t like to go outside when it’s cold, perhaps special touch screen gloves can help. This special style of glove has a unique fingertip design that allows the user to use touch screen application on smart devices. Available at many price points, the colors and styles on the market will ensure that everyone can find a pair of gloves.

The increasing popularity of wireless headphones is not just for Apple customers. The fact is that everyone can appreciate listening to their favorite tunes without being tied down to a computer or other digital device. Whether listening to music with Alexa or playing an audio book while gardening, wireless headphones can make the experience even better!

Perhaps the techie in your life doesn’t get moving enough. In that case, a health and fitness tracker might be just the gift to help. These devices can be used to monitor steps taken, heart rate and much more. Make sure that you pick one that is in line with the needs and wishes of the recipient. Don’t think you can make someone get into shape just because you gave them a cool tracker!

These ideas are a great place to begin your shopping. The techie in your life is sure to appreciate the gesture, and the gift.

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