Turbo Your PC Review: Does It Really Give You A New PC Without The Price Tag?

We have all been victims of slow and unresponsive computers at one point or the other. Let’s face it, working on a slow or unresponsive PC can be a pain in the neck. In most cases, your PC chooses to act up or hang when you are in the middle of doing something serious. What makes your PC to become slow, laggy or unresponsive?

The simple answer to this question is that you have too many files on your computer. It is also possible that your PC is infected with viruses and other malicious software that are hidden deep within its system files.

Turbo Your PC reviewWhat Is Turbo Your PC?

Turbo Your PC is basically a PC optimization software that scans your computer for unnecessary files and applications stored in your computer’s hard drive. The software cleans up all unnecessary files and applications that slow down your PC making it laggy and unresponsive. On top of this, Turbo Your PC resolves any errors and issues present in your computer’s system registry to allow your computer to function smoothly and in an optimal state.

All these functions can be done at a touch of button to make your PC work as if it was new.

Key Features:

1. Power Suite

Turbo Your PC comes with a main power suite that is responsible for the actual scanning and cleaning of your computer. The power suite makes use of a specially crafted algorithm that identifies unnecessary files and applications that exist on your computer’s hard drive. Turbo Your PC’s algorithm is proprietary meaning you cannot find it in use in any other PC cleaning application out there today.

The algorithm is both fast and efficient in finding files that are not of any importance in your PC.

Hidden applications that may have automatically installed themselves during internet browsing are also identified by the algorithm. Both unnecessary files and applications are the main causes of slow PC performance. The best way to boost the speed and performance of your PC is to have these unnecessary files and applications removed.

The power suite feature in the Turbo Your PC software scans your PC and finds all unnecessary items in its system and hard drives and automatically removes them thus freeing up some much needed space.

2. Antivirus

A PC cleaning software is not complete without an accompanying antivirus. Antivirus software is quite vital in this time and age as there are so many malicious files and programs in circulation on the World Wide Web. Securing your PC against these malicious files and programs should therefore be a top priority.

Turbo Your PC comes with a dedicated antivirus program that is frequently updated with the latest global virus definitions. The antivirus feature in Turbo Your PC allows you to detect any viruses such as worms, Trojans and RATs that may be present on your PC.

Viruses can really slow down your PC’s performance. Viruses can also slow down internet speed by hogging on your precious bandwidth. Turbo Your PC is designed to prevent this by quarantining any suspicious files and programs in your PC. It goes a step further to block any attacks such as phishing and brute force attacks that may be targeting your system. The antivirus feature in this software offers full real-time protection against a wide range of threats.

File Shredder

This is another useful feature found in the Turbo Your PC software that allows you to completely eliminate or destroy files from your PC that you may not want to be recovered in future. Currently, deleting files using the ‘delete’ or ‘shift+delete’ buttons does not guarantee that file have been completely erased from your PC. Certain software that are freely available on the internet can be used to recover this data within minutes or hours.

In order to safeguard your privacy and security, the file shredder can handle the deletion of files from your computer’s hard drive to ensure that deleted files cannot be recovered.

File Protector

If keep your sensitive files is a top-priority then the file protector feature in the Turbo Your PC software should definitely come in handy. File protector keeps your sensitive files safe and secure using a super-strong 448-bit encryption. The file protector can lock or hide individual files and folders from other people that may use your PC.

The file protector is easy to use and can give you some much needed peace of mind to know that your sensitive or valuable files are safe and secure.

Password Manager

A soon to be rolled out feature in the Turbo Your PC software is a fully-fledged password manager that handles all your online login information ranging from usernames to passwords. The password management feature helps to eliminate the need to remember all the login details you use on different websites and content management system.

Today, the average person can have tens and even hundreds of passwords and access pins to remember at any given time. It is so easy to forget a password or access pin and this can cause a lot of stress and frustrations.

The password manager securely stores all your login information within your PC to facilitate fast internet browsing and login authentication. You can save as many usernames and password as you want.

Benefits of Turbo Your PC

– Boosts PC Speed

– Guarantees Your Privacy

– Cleans Ups Unnecessary Files and Programs

– Fixes Errors and Issues That Slow Down Your PC

– Advanced Registry detection and analysis

– User Friendly Interface

– 24/7 Technical Support

– Free-trial

Final Word

There are numerous PC cleaning tools and software on the internet. However, very few match up to the standards and effectiveness of Turbo Your PC. The Turbo Your PC optimization algorithm is both fast and effective at making your PC run faster and better than it has in a long time.

If you are tired of using a slow and unresponsive PC, it may be high time you try this wonderful PC optimization software “Turbo Your PC”.

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