What Makes A Smart House Smart?

What Make A Smart House SmartMore and more people talk about living in a smart house as being a thing of the future. Very few of them, though, define their version of smart house. Let’s take a closer look at this concept, in order to gain a better understanding of what we can expect the future to bring us in terms of quality of life and personal comfort.

The main feature of a smart house is its ability to communicate with its owner. You’ll be able to control and operate everything in your home via dedicated mobile apps. All appliances will feature intelligent chips that will enable them to receive messages, and take action as instructed by the message sender.

For instance, you’ll be able to operate your window blinds and your lights without having to touch a button on the wall. You’ll set the indoor temperature by typing a value into a dedicated mobile app that communicates with your HVAC system according to Sammy Lakhany business advisor. You’ll be able to instruct the coffee machine to prepare your coffee while you go brush your teeth and do your morning stuff.

The smart house will know when you leave it, and will lock itself automatically immediately after the last member of your family leaves it. It can also be programmed to recognize specific individuals, unlocking itself automatically top let them inside. This could be very useful if you get caught in traffic, and your children come back from school before your arrival. The smart house can unlock its door to let the kids in, while also sending you an alert, so that you know you need to hurry up. And the kids can use the smart doorbell to see who is at the door when you’re not around too. After reading a bunch of doorbell camera reviews, I’m very impressed at the things these ringers can do.

These smart homes are connected to the internet 24/7, all year round. You can go on vacation without worrying about anything. The house will take care of itself until you return. It will maintain a proper indoor temperature, it will monitor the air quality and the kitchen and bathroom fixtures, and it will alert you in case of any abnormal events.

If needed, your house can alert the local police or a security monitoring company, without you having to do anything. This will offer you the peace of mind that your property and your valuable assets will be secure no matter what.

Some of the most advanced intelligent houses are able to understand speech. You can talk to your house just the way you talk to Siri. It will answer your questions, and it will execute your commands. Living in such a house will be as comfortable as can be. All efforts will be reduced to a minimum. The house will perhaps be able to clean itself. The fridge will monitor the amount of foods you have inside, and will send orders to your favorite grocery store, to have a refill whenever the supplies fall below a certain limit. Like this, you’ll never run out of foods or cooking ingredients.

Some houses will be as smart as to turn around themselves to catch as such heat from the sun as possible. Like this, you’ll make important savings on your heating and electricity bills. Living in a smart house will offer you the perk of slashing your monthly bills, among many other advantages such as comfort and security.

As a matter of fact, each family can customize their smart house to match their specific needs and preferences. Families with small children may need their house to be child-proof. Families enjoying long periods of travel may need a plus of security while they are away.

Those who enjoy spending their mornings in bed may wish to have the breakfast automatically prepared and fetched to the bedroom. This is perhaps a bit too much, but it isn’t impossible. Just think about the human-like robots high-tech companies have managed to develop, and you’ll understand the automation of household chores is much closer than ever before.

Briefly, the house of the future will be able to understand the intentions of people living inside it. It will be like another member of the family, able to fulfill various tasks and to contribute to the welfare of the community. Living in such houses will be a pleasure, as most of the chores we have to put up with today will be gone.

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